Dear users and partners,

I’d like to start by thanking you all for your comments and suggestions; we really appreciate it and take everything into consideration. We are currently finishing off the new elecworks™ 2012 version which is planned for release next January, and we’ve just released SP1 for elecworks™ 2011 which is available now for all our subscribers and resellers.

During the last quarter, like most of you, we are striving to increase sales and close deals. We do that by any means we can think of; ranging from supporting our resellers during seminars, new presentation releases, to new promotional sales packs bundling specific software and services.

In the coming months we will be in attendance at more than two hundred “SolidWorks innovation days” from the US, Brazil to France and China where we expect to present our latest innovations to integrate mechanical 3D with 2D electrical schematics to thousands of designers and engineers. If you are available, check out our agenda to meet with our team.

Please do not hesitate to communicate your thoughts or remarks about our services and products. We really look forward to hearing from you!

Wishing you success,

Dr Pedro Puig. Managing Director ACERI / Trace Software International

New release: elecworks™ 2011 Service Pack 1
The new version available since October 3 includes new features with a special focus on user-friendliness.
  • Data import: simpler, faster and more user-friendly. The import of any type of data is possible via a single configuration file for different data files (components, terminal blocks, terminals, cables wires, wires, detailed wiring, etc.).
  • Easily move a component: with the intelligent copy-paste feature, it is possible to paste a component in another location. The symbol is renumbered in accordance with the project settings.
  • New wire label reports: wire labels can then be easily imported into a label design software.
  • Connection labels in color: a connection label can now display cross-reference data with either a component or a manufacturer reference. A color code helps to differentiate them and make drawings easier to read.
  • A new cable display option in 3D cable routing: to better distinguish each cable and easily find a routed wire. The cable line mode is ideal for large assemblies. Each wire takes automatically a different color and is placed next to other wires.
And many other improvements: new attributes added in the design of terminals, new catalog references, ...
The new version is available automatically via your software for customers with a subscription contract. See the complete list of new features in this Service Pack either online on the elecworks™ portal or in the Help menu > Documentation of your software.

Graphics Systems User Conference in United States
Trace Software presents elecworks™ at the 2011 Graphics Systems User Conference from 25-26 October at the Grand Geneva Resort at Lake Geneva (Wisconsin, U.S.).
As the largest SolidWorks conference in the Midwest area, Graphics Systems, who are also a new elecworks™ reseller, are expecting more than 300 attendees. There will be an elecworks™ breakout session on October 26 (at 12:30pm Central Time) for all attendees who would like to easily integrate electrical design into their mechanical model.

Kickoff organised by Axemble in France
Trace Software will take part at the Kickoff organized by the French SolidWorks reseller Axemble.
At each of the 11 visited cities across France and Switzerland, there will be a presentation on elecworks™ at the general session, followed by demos. 1600 attendees are expected between the 4th October to the 16th November. The main events are located in Nantes, Lyon and Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland) where 200 attendees are expected for each event. Take this opportunity to visit us and discover elecworks™!

Elecworks™ at the Tekyaz seminar in Turkey
Elecworks™ will be presented in General session and in the exhibition area at the Turkish reseller Tekyaz’s event on 15th October at the WOW Convention Center in Instambul.
It will be a nice opportunity to discover Elecworks new release as well as SolidWorks 2012.

Elecworks™ participation at IAS Shanghai
Trace Software Shanghai will be present at the 2011 International Automation Show at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Shanghai, in China from 1st to 5th November 2011.
More than 103,000 visitors are expected. Elecworks new release will be presented on booth #D133. Take this opportunity to meet our Chinese team!

Cadmes Event SolidWorks 2012 : 2 dates for elecworks™ in Belgium and the Netherlands
Cadmes organizes two events, on October 11 in Brussels, Belgium and on November 1 in Utrecht in the Netherlands. The new elecworks™ version will also be presented by Trace Software sales team (Régis Dumortier in Brussels and Vani Prakash in Utrecht). Feel free to contact them!

SolidWorks Innovation Day in China
In China, elecworks is present at the SolidWorks Innovation Day held in 19 cities from September 21 to October 20: either by direct presentation of the Trace Software Shanghai team at 7cities across 11 events (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Harbin, Tianjin , Suzhou)), or via elecworks™ resellers present in 20 cities for a total of 2000 expected visitors. Alongside these days, elecworks is also involved in SolidWorks Innovation Day online as a sponsor with a virtual booth and a team ready to answer questions.

And don't forget our webinar schedule available on our website.
Several e-demos are organized each month in many languages.

Increase your speed of data input and gain more space on the display screen
Use the mouse wheel to zoom in on your drawing. The mouse wheel allows you to zoom, forward or back on your elecworks diagrams, and the double clik helps you to get back to the diagram overview.

The side-panel can be minimized by clicking on the push pin icon.

Elecworks™ brings an advanced method that accelerates and enhances the electrical design at China Zhuzhou South Railway Institute - Wind Power Business Unit
The main activity of the CSR Wind Power Business Unit, Technology Department, is to provide improved methods of production for new equipment.

Download this case study »

Focus on Brazilian resellers MGA Automação industrial and SolidMinas
Brazilian resellers MGA Automação industrial and SolidMinas signed a major technical cooperation agreement with the SENAI (National Industrial Apprenticeship Service in Brazil): elecworks™ will be provided for free to schools for educational purposes in Brazil.

The first phase of deployment is underway. Ultimately, it is 10 000 elecworks™ licenses that will be available to students to form the new generation of professionals. Another initiative of the reseller MGA, an elecworks™ Gazette has just been completed. It will soon be distributed to Brazilian engineers to inform about elecworks™ and to keep them up to date with new features.

Elecworks™ highlighted in (3D)², the journal about 3D in 3D
In this evocative title, the magazine (3D)² devotes his thirtieth number to elecworks™. Launched in 2006, (3D)² is the first newspaper about 3D and in 3D! Published by the French portal CAO.fr, the paper in Adobe PDF format is devoted to work in 3D (CAD design, virtual reality, CAE, etc.), and contains 3D models that can be manipulated on the screen.

Vani Prakash, your international sales contact
We have chosen to introduce you to one member of the sales team that you may already know. Since 2008, Vani Prakash is part of the team International Sales and Business Development. As an international sales engineer, she has a technical and commercial function.
Commercially, she is responsible for relations with dealers and for monitoring prospects wishing to test elecworks™.
She also presents online demos. On the technical side, she helps with benchmarking in some industrial sectors in relation to the reseller and the customer. Finally, she organizes specific training for elecworks™ resellers.
Vani is involved in elecworks™ promotion in all countries except the United States and China and can be contacted on sales@elecworks.com.

Elecworks™ and SolidWorks real time data sharing
Elecworks™is the only electrical CAD solution on the market, that is fully integrated with SolidWorks. Data changes in electrical schematics and/or mechanical 3D drawings are updated in real time allowing for unprecedented interdepartmental project collaboration.

Web : www.elecworks.com

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