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Wemhöener (Changzhou) Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Based in Villefranche-sur-Saône (Rhône, France), Wemhöener (Changzhou) Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a German-owned company, focuses on wood surface and wood-based panel processing technology. New technologies are developed at the highest level and quality standards are optimized, always in close cooperation with their customers.

Size: 650 Kb - File: EW-Wemhoener_EN.pdf - Date: 18/06/2012

Onsen, manufacturer of energy management systems for public buildings

Based in Villefranche-sur-Saône (Rhône, France), Onsen is the result of the 2010 alliance between the French company Lyonnaise des Eaux, itself a subsidiary of Suez Environnement, with Domelys Technologies who sells a patented waste water heat recovery system.

Size: 750 Kb - File: EW-Onsen_EN.pdf - Date: 02/04/2012

Nantong Enhron Air-Conditionning Manufacturing

Nantong Enhron Air-Conditioning Manufacturing is located in the Yangtze River Delta, which is the site of their product development, production, with processing in one of the industrial companies.

"Enhron" is the product’s registered trademark, the company use internationally recognized advanced management systems, all products are ISO 9001 Certified, and some products have been exported for the necessary CE certification.

Size: 656 Kb - File: EW-ENHRON_EN.pdf - Date: 11/04/2011

C.H. Evensen - Heat processing solutions

For more than 70 years C. H. Evensen Industriovner AS has been providing innovative technologies and methods to the heat treatment industry.

After talks with ProNor AS and Trace Software, CHE decided to use elecworks™ for their ECAD tasks. The ECAD department of CHE has, for the last year, used three licenses of elecworks™. These are used for engineering work to the supply major industrial furnaces abroad.

Size: 266 Kb - File: EW-CHE_EN.pdf - Date: 03/02/2011

Proterra - An American example in clean energy

Proterra, an American company based in Golden, Colorado, produces battery-powered electric buses without any green-house gas emissions into the environment.

Proterra electric buses employ fast loading stations differentiated by the automated roof charging connectors. Once connected to a bus stop charging unit, passenger buses will recharge their batteries in less than 10 minutes.

Size: 665 Kb - File: EW-Proterra_EN.pdf - Date: 03/02/2011

Spark - A showcase of China’s machine tools use elecworks

Spark, a Chinese manufacturer of lathes, renowned world-wide for its large lathes, now generates curiosity for its integrated electrical design via elecworks™.

Located in northwestern China, Spark manufactures standard CNC lathes that can operate on axes measuring from 850 to 4000mm and support components weighing up to 63 000kg.

Size: 864 Kb - File: EW-Spark_EN.pdf - Date: 03/02/2011

Chinese Transport - Running elecworks™!

Two Chinese clients in the transport sector Beijing Dongfeng Electrical Locomotive Factory and the China Academy of Railway Sciences have opted for elecworks™ for locomotive design automation.

Beijing Dongfeng Electrical Locomotive Factory is a company formed by the merger of China Northern Locomotive and Rolling Stock Industry Corporation (NRC).

Size: 698 Kb - File: EW-ChineseTransports_EN.pdf - Date: 03/02/2011

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