SolidWorks Electrical - 3D electrical design upgrade
SolidWorks Electrical 3D
elecworks™ is 100% compatible with SolidWorks Electrical. This compatibility is guaranteed now and for the future by a mutual agreement with DS SolidWorks Corp.
For an integration of 3D features and an optimized coordination with the mechanical team, Elecworks can easily be upgraded with SolidWorks Electrical 3D. Running in the same manner as an additional add-in, it enables companies to progressively upgrade from 2D electrical design to 2D/3D electrical design. Based on the same software structure, both softwares are totally integrated with bidirectional real-time data updates.

SolidWorks Electrical 3D lets you realize 3D assemblies and/or cabinets, insert 3D parts, project terminal strips... with real time consistency checking and updates, which also affect automatically Elecworks 2D schematics.

SolidWorks Electrical 3D, (requires SolidWorks Routed Systems), also enables cabinet and/or machine 3D wiring, with optimization and wire length calculation carried out automatically using the shortest possible route.


Real time project synchronicity

Mechanical and electrical engineers can now work seamlessly on a single project without concerns over costly miscommunication or time wasting design comparison; this is achieved by providing not only interdepartmental communication tools but by automatically realizing changes made to electrical scheme’s in the SW cabinet/machine and vice versa thanks to sharing a single database.

Alert messaging

Allows engineers developing a project to instantly communicate and discuss client or design changes without having to leave the elecworks™ / SolidWorks environment dramatically reducing revision control requirements and ending costly design errors.

The main functionalities

  • 3D design of a machine or a panel
  • 3D part placement
  • DIN Rail
  • Collision management
  • Optimized Point to point cabling
  • Cable segregation
  • Raceway fill factor calculations
  • Cable length calculations

elecworks™ for SolidWorks - Electrical design in 3D


Drastically reduce turnaround times, and eliminate design errors, in a collaborative working environment.

Automatic error free cable wire routing

Point to point connections are automatically carried out, routing the wires through cables defined in the electrical scheme's. Connection routes can be fined tuned by segregating cables to reduce machine/cabinet noise, while time consuming data calculations are provided automatically, such as raceway fill factors, wire lengths...

How can I get SolidWorks Electrical 3D?

Please get in touch with your nearest SolidWorks reseller. You can find their contact details on DS SolidWorks website (get to the reseller list here)

Is data exchange easy between elecworks users and SolidWorks Electrical users?

Yes. The data exchange between a SolidWorks Electrical user and an elecworks™ user occurs seamlessly without prior data conversion to the other format.